Adaptive Items

With Adaptive Items, you have the flexibility to quickly add new items to your menus, tailored to your exact specifications. From classic cocktails to exquisite wines, Adaptive Items enables you to create enticing menu offerings with ease and precision.

Tailored menu offerings made easy

  • Add essential information such as the item's name, description, and price.
  • Quickly find existing items using the search tool

Flexible Pricing Options

  • Add two pricing options if offering single serving and by the bottle, such as wine selections.

Availability Status

  • Specify the availability status of each item with Smart Availability. Set an item to available, unavailable, by season (Seasonal Rotations). Items automatically appear on linked Dynamic Menus when available ensuring accurate your menus are always up-to-date.

Deep Cataloging

  • Organize your items with precision by assigning them to categories and subcategories. Create a logical and intuitive menu structure that allows your customers to navigate and discover their desired selections effortlessly.

Menu Assignment

  • Seamlessly assign items to one or multiple Dynamic Menus, providing a cohesive and tailored menu experience for your customers. Customize each menu to reflect your unique offerings and showcase the items in their respective categories.

 Adaptive Items give you a powerful way to enhance your menu offerings and keep your menus fresh.

Make your menu management a snap

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